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Automation of Profit Center Master Data creation in SAP S4 HANA

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Data Extracted from fireframes to SAP system through RPA: Profit Centers are created in SAP with information captured in 3 different tabs – Basic data , Indicators, Company Code Assignment and address. Apart from this Controlling Area and validity dates are the pre-reqisite for creating Profit Centers in SAP. The tool facliatates creation of Profit Center based on data provided in the template by the users.

Business Need

1 Search Request
A requester should be able to Search a Profit Center in DMX using any of the following fields:
a. Profit Center ID
b. Short Text
c. Company Codes
Upon searching, creating change , block & unblock DMX, the app must return the valid search results back from SAP

1 Multiple records will be displayed on the results table and there will be ability to download the result set to excel
2 The user shall be able to open any of the search result and see the details associated with that Profit Center.
3 The Site Search results much have the following fields in it:
a. Profit Center ID
b. Profit Center Name / Description
c. Valid From Date
d. Valid To Date
e. Company Codes
f. Profit Center Group
g. Segment
h. User Responsible
i. Person Responsible
j. Business Area
4 Using the search results, the requestor should be able to Change, Block, or Unblock any one of the Master with the SAP data pre-filled in it. A requester should be able to Create a new Profit Center with the fields and validation rules as described in the mapping document

About the Customer

Customer is one of the leading multinational luxury fashion holding company based in New York City and operates multiple fashion brands across the globe.


Business solutions required before solution:
1. An excel based manual workflow process for SAP master data and transactional data creation which lacked automation.
2. This manual process takes a lot of time, is error prone, and requires a large team to operate

After solution implementation
1. The UI Path RPA integration ensured the seamless and cyclic creation of master and transactional data in SAP using DMX inputs without any manual interventions
2. Enabled the Bulk upload of pricing condition forms in SAP with increased efficiency and reduced time. This is a great value addition to the business in terms of Sales and Supply chain processes
3. The real-time dropdowns values from SAP are retrieved to the DMX application through manual and weekly dropdown refresh functionality
4. Efficient Master data management with fool-proof approval workflow in place
5. Application is designed in such a way that exception flows are handled through SAP API and UI validation checks.
6. The negative flows are handled as business exceptions and goes back to the user corrections

Technical Benefits

  1. UI & RPA is used to automate Manuall entry in SAP for the request created in the DMX
  2. Angular basically used to enter the data by the user
  3. Mono DB- No sequel DB used to store request data .
  4. Node GS: Writing API’s between MONODG and Userinterface

Project Challenges

  1. Business analysist is a Bottleneck
  2. Trusted data,
  3. Connected, intelligent data
  4. Architecture flexibility that embraces the cloud
  5. Real-time data is the central component of the Intelligent Enterprise.
  6. They require flexibility when it comes to their cloud infrastructure and the architecture of their solutions.

Business Benefits

  1. Get guidance to support features through a conversation with the chatbot in natural language
  2. Fill in a form to add an issue title and describe your situation or question. Based on your input you will receive solution proposals and component suggestions. The more precise you describe your situation, the better might be the proposed solutions.
  3. Search for and tigger functions
  4. Reducing the Manpower & time saving
  5. easily access fireframes and do the changes
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