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Completely Managed Transformation of your enterprise. That is what happens when you Rise with SAP.

RISE with SAP is an SAP S/4HANA Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based subscription offering that enables you to move your existing SAP ERP systems to S/4HANA on your choice of cloud infrastructure providers.

As a Rise With SAP partner, Groupsoft brings together what you need to transform your business in the way that works best for you — regardless of your point of departure or how fast you want to move.

Our Value Proposition

  • Justify the value of your transformation program as you prepare.
  • Accelerate your transformation with our implementation services.
  • Manage your SAP applications while continuing to drive innovation.
Transformation Process

Recommendations and Results

Increase revenue with deeper consumer and shopper insights to optimize your portfolio of products and services, and drive hyper-personalized upsell and cross-sell recommendations for new revenue streams.

Reduce costs through intelligent and autonomous merchandising processes, shorter planning cycles, and staff empowerment, leading to reduced inventory levels, store operation and logistics costs, and markdowns.

Optimize your environmental footprint through more resilient supply networks, circular value chains, and replenishment planning focused on reducing waste and emissions

GroupSoft Expertise
  • S/4 HANA Cloud Editions

    It starts with SAP S/4HANA Cloud – bringing agility and responsiveness to the core of your business and your business processes.

    SAP Business Network Starter Pack

    A SAP Business Network Starter Pack that extends transformation beyond your four walls – creating dynamic, digital connections with your trading partners to help you move your business forward faster than before

  • Infrastructure Selection & Migration

    You choose your infrastructure – you can work with four different hyperscalers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud), SAP data centers, or – for regulated industries – your dedicated data centers. So you get the flexibility to choose the infrastructure that fits for your needs without getting locked into one infrastructure-as-a-service provider to manage your data and systems.

  • Business Technology Platform & Analytics

    It’s all on a single platform featuring the SAP Business Technology Platform – for you to complement, extend, and integrate with SAP, partner, or third-party solutions using the same data model, single source of truth, and business services.

  • Business Process Intelligence

    Business Process Intelligence, SAP’s new intelligent application that pinpoints the best place to start by analyzing how your processes perform and benchmarking them against industry standards. Get tailored recommendations of where to focus first and implement those processes on demand.

    Tools and Services for Technical Migration

    Tools and services to support your whole journey – from SAPs readiness check and custom code analysis to the SAP Learning Hub.