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Data is just a bunch of numbers till it is made sense of. Tableau brings analytics with a fair degree of alacrity – to connect and visualize your data in a matter of minutes. What’s more, Tableau is 10 to 100 times faster than any other existing solution.

Users need no programming knowledge, just insights, and with simple drag and drop products, they can analyze data. Big Data, Any Data.

With Tableau business intelligence and Tableau data management, you can explore any data, from spreadsheets to databases, to Hadoop to cloud services, everything data. You can combine multiple views of data to gain richer insights, the best practices of data visualization are baked into the Smart Dashboards.

You can get fresh data with a live connection to your data, or schedule an update, your choice. You can share and publish a dashboard in a few clicks live to the web as well as mobile devices.

What it means for you
Groupsoft’s Methodology for Tableau Implementation

Groupsoft’s Best Practice Recommendation for Tableau Maintenance and Post Migration Considerations

Tableau Maintenance Best Practices
  • Version Update of the Software
  • Have all the Environments in Sync (Prod-QC-Dev)
  • Regular Clean up of all the Environments
  • User Security Maintenance
  • User Management (Assign/Reclaim Licences)
  • Timely backup of Tableau Server
Tableau Test Strategy Post Migration
Groupsoft Services
Our Approach
  • 1

    SYNC all environments on a regular basis.

  • 2

    SCHEDULE data refresh to optimize data availability on dashboards

  • 3

    TEST performance to eliminate issues

  • 4

    IDENTIFY any changes in data or visuals on the dashboard