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Hyper-view Of Customers While Delivering Personalised Experiences.

High fashion also has high risks, as well as considerable rewards. As a business that is driven by seasons and trends and is creatively driven, it is profitable to have your systems under your control, especially with SAP for Fashion Industry and  SAP Omni-channel.

Groupsoft has leveraged its understanding and experience from across industries to define new processes. This means that fashion is no longer about selling products, but a rewarding experience for customers that keep them loyal, and back again every season. This also means that the way your enterprise is run moves away from ownership to a service oriented business model.

Our deployment of cutting-edge tools and technology ensures predictive planning and perfect orchestration of inventory, process automation with the help of AI.

The digital supply chain creates a circular economic process with principles of sustainable procurement and production such as recycling, reuse, repair, reselling, and more integrated in. It also enables holistic Omni-channel order management and fulfillment with distributed order processing.

Finally, when stores and touch-points are redefined, customers experience true experiential retail with highly tailor-made experiences, leading to ultra-convenient and frictionless shopping.

Our Expertise in Fashion
  • Omni-channel Marketing

    Single Customer View
    Gain insights and deliver personalized experiences across their entire journey.

    Consent-Based Marketing
    Recognize customers at every engagement and deliver experiences they expect.

    Marketing Execution
    Ensure full visibility and control of the entire marketing process and make decisions based on data to increase ROI.

    Omni-channel Customer Experience

    Commerce Management and Personalization
    Get your business to thrive with an industry-leading Omni-channel commerce platform.

    Retail Store Management
    Online and in-store shopping experiences act as one, so attracting and retaining consumers is easy while offering a superior experience.

    Omni-channel Sales Order Management
    Buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere using optimized Omni-channel sales order management.

  • Procurement Excellence

    Indirect Buying
    Operational efficiency and source determination improve for indirect buying of goods and services.

    Invoice and Pay
    Invoice processing and accounts payables can be integrated with invoice management solutions.

    With compliant, automated purchasing and collaboration, you can realize process efficiencies and manage costs across categories.

    Sourcing and Contract Management
    With sourcing and contract management tools, you can reduce risk and costs, while increasing savings opportunities.

    Supplier and Risk Management
    ncrease savings opportunities and sourcing efficiencies by tapping into a global business network.

  • Customer-Centric Merchandising

    Master Data Management
    With accurate Fashion specific data quality and governance, you can improve business productivity.

    Merchandise and Assortment Planning
    You can easily achieve targets by creating omni-channel, profitable plans.

    Merchandising Intelligence
    Use sales data and insights to gather performance intelligence so as to enhance profitability.

    Pricing and Promotions
    Calibrate pricing and promotions through the product lifecycle across omni-channels.

  • Branded Fashion Production

    Manufacturing Execution (Industry 4.0)
    You can control, check and automate all operations so that you can streamline it for efficiency, and higher quality.

    Quality Management
    Ensure quality management and compliance to surpass expectations.

    Digital Supply Chain

    Demand and Supply Planning
    Enhance operational planning processes through the demand and supply chains.

    Omni-channel Inventory and Order Response
    You can manage inventory from various locations and meet demand from anywhere.

    Transportation Management
    Control costs and better the service with smoother transportation management processes.

    Warehouse Management
    Enhance warehouse management with calibrated automated processes and planning.


Our clients, as well as SAP, acknowledge our deep domain knowledge and expertise in each of the SAP implementations across these Industries and verticals.

If you are looking for a SAP solution for your enterprise, pick your vertical to know how we approach the end-to-end implementation with expertise and élan of having done it right, the first time, many times over.