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We apply advanced statistical methods and machine learning, mountains of sales data, years of unmatched retail demand expertise to an external influence that is completely out of our hands, the weather, and provide your business with a proven and measurable return on investment.

This means you get powerful, scalable, frictionless and seriously profitable predictive demand analytics. You can proactively address a critical, everyday external driver of consumer demand. Plus, quickly operationalize localized demand analytics across your product range. And then optimize your existing solutions with automated, integration-ready metrics.

Groupsoft deploys Planalytics integration-ready metrics to enable you to leverage existing technologies with product-specific demand insights. Automated demand analytics make your systems instantly smarter and more efficient.

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The key external factor any retail business should focus on is weather-based demand volatility. Groupsoft deploys Planalytics Weather Driven Demand (WDD) to calculate how the weather is going to affect demand by product, time, and location. This intelligence feeds in seamlessly into your SAP environment to help you plan your business effectively. The time to value for the entire process is typically less than 90 days.

We enable product-specific, localized demand adjustments within your SAP environments, so as to improve accuracy of core activities like planning, allocation, and replenishment.

Our Approach
  • 1

    Improve planning accuracy by 20% or more for specific products and time periods

  • 2

    Increase profit by 2-6%

  • 3

    Boost revenue up to 2%

  • 4

    Reduce perishable waste by 10-35% (Groceries/Fresh Food)