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Product as well as customer profitability are key areas of focus for any enterprise.

For an enterprise to remain resilient and agile in a dynamically changing world, the need for over-the-horizon forecasting, growth strategies, and cost and profitability analysis becomes all the more paramount. That is exactly where SAP Solutions Management comes in.

Groupsoft deploys its expertise in Retail Accounting, Financial Supply Chain Management, Profitability Analysis and Inventory Valuation, and Reconciliation Strategies to gain valuable insights and achieve sharper focus on the business.

With a resilient, agile financial backbone, the enterprise can forge onwards and upwards.

Scenario-planning to prepare against business shocks

Identify and eliminate low value activities

AI/ML to identify key business drivers and improve forecast accuracy

Consider migrating to the cloud

Profitability management

Financial Supply
Chain Management

3RD Party

Profitability Analysis and
Inventory Valuation

Retail Accounting


AI/ML and Automation Drives System-wide Financial Intelligence.

Increasing investments in new technology is driving the streamlining of processes.

Groupsoft enables you to identify and address the ERP and execution related complexities so that your enterprise and specifically the financial systems are better equipped for the coming tomorrows.

Now you can:

  • Streamline financial reconciliation and closing processes.

  • Address complexities involved with Omnichannel Accounting.

  • Standardize and simplify processes.

  • Add dimensions for profitability reporting

  • Automate ML and Augmented Analytics for predictive planning.

Groupsoft Expertise

Our Platform Delivery Approach


Whether you are in Fashion, Retail or CPG, enable better outcomes and business success with the power of these platform.