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Intelligent Decision Dimensions.

Connected AI Content integrated into SAP.

Cognitive Experience is a business necessity in any connected enterprise. So now your business partners, customers and employees can communicate seamlessly, in any language using digital or even voice enabled communication.

Groupsoft augments the power of Skybuffer into the SAP implementation, creating a powerful transformation tool to enable 24/7 execution of cognitive actions that seamlessly engages human expertise for critical decision making, and once resolved, reverts back to cognitive decision making.

It’s the true coming together of AI Mindset and Human expertise. With the support of over 100 languages, saving hours of productive time per user, and resultant profitability, it humanizes and extends the IT landscape accessibility for everyone.

What it means for you
Groupsoft Expertise
Our Approach

As Skybuffer's preferred partner, Groupsoft offers implementation and consulting services for operationalizing the AI based Conversational ChatBot:

  • 1

    100 + Languages Supported

  • 2

    25% Employee Efficiency in Weeks

  • 3

    80% Automation Level in First Month

  • 4

    2x Lead Generation