With the increasing digitization and number of customer interaction points, the data is expanding faster than ever and in large volumes. The data changes rapidly, comes in from multiple sources and covers varied requirements. Structured internal data is increasingly being supplemented by unstructured data like audio, video and sensors with addition to data from external sources like the internet, social media and third parties thus increasing the complexity and size of the data.

SAP HANA, an in-memory database offers a multi-engine query-processing environment that allows it to support relational data (with both row- and column-oriented physical representations in a hybrid engine) as well as graph and text processing for semi-structured and unstructured data management. The entire processing happens within the same system to deliver improved performance and faster response time.


Business Consulting:

  • HANA Value Realization and Roadmap definition
  • Business Analytics Design on HANA Platform
  • HANA Use Case Identification

Solution Evaluation:

  • HANA Industry Solution Evaluation and Prototyping

Technical Advisory:

  • BW and BPC Database Migration to HANA Value Assessment
  • Use Case Design and Proto Apporach 


  • Custom Predictive Modeling and Development on HANA
  • Use Case Based HANA Custom Development
  • HANA Testing for database migration
  • Integrating Third Party with HANA 
  • Master Data Migration to HANA
  • HANA Application Support


  • Store Assortment and Store Management on HANA and Mobile
  • Store Proximity on HANA and SPATIAL Processing
  • Inventory Availability on HANA
  • On-Shelf Availability on HANA
  • Retail Planning on HANA
  • Store Analytics on HANA
  • Retail CRM on HANA


  • RDS Accelerated Finance and Controlling
  • Retail RDS and CAR on HANA
  • HANA Cloud Management
  • RDS COPA Accelerator