SAP and Groupsoft Partnership

Groupsoft US Inc is a SAP Service Partner company focused in SAP Retail and SAP Fashion domain.

Emergence of Customer as the driving factor and Digital Transformation of Retail

The empowered consumer has fundamentally changed retail. It is the customers who drive market trends in the Digital Omni channel era of Retail and not the product as in case of traditional retail format. With this shift, come unique challenges for the Retailers. Rightfrom supply chain management;to dynamic pricing and promotion;to assortment planning; to distribution logistics; to retaining a highly aware and empowered customers loyalty – Retailers need to adapt business processes to changing customer behavior.

SAP and Groupsoft SAP Retail and SAP Fashion Management in Digital Transformation of Retail

SAP has developed some of the most comprehensive Retail and Fashion Management Solutions, which are designed for Digital Retailing. SAP’s latest Retail Planning solution helps Retailers meet Omni-channel Planning needs. Its new Customer Activity Repository tool aids Retailers map customer behavior and Hybris Marketing tool enables them to stay connected with Customers across channels. The Solutions, run on the powerful HANA engine, allows Retailers to operate business with Data in Real-Time basis.

Grouspoft, as a SAP Service Partner,works closely with SAP to stay in step with SAP’s new technology and software offerings. It has extensive knowledge of SAP’s Retail solutions and competency to implement them. The Groupsoft Consulting Services, ensures that it understands the needs of Retailers, carries out best industry practices and support transition to Digital Retail in a controlled step-by-step process. Groupsoftassists retailers in establishing a digital foundation with minimal disruption; simplify their business; use data to understand customer behavior and develop ability to offera personalized shopping experienceseamlessly across all channels.

Groupsoft helps retail companies increase revenue, profitability, and market share. With us,you build efficient supply chains operating at optimum costs leading to maximized customer retention, reduced loss of sales and increased margins.

Groupsoft’s SAP Retail and SAP FMS Services Offerings

Groupsoft has extensive knowledge of Retail Business processes across verticals like Food and Grocery, Fashion, Opticals, Luxury, Hardgoods and Electronic durables. The blend of business knowledge and hold on technology has led to innovations, unique in capability to meet challenges of Digital Retail in most effective manner and competency in various SAP Retail and SAP FMS Services Offerings.

Groupsoft streamlines Cross Channel Sale, implements Solutions for Omni Channel visibility, and provides SAP HANA based Real Time Analytics – which are a key for success in Digital Retail.

Groupsoft and SAP Retail and SAP FMS Services Offerings

SAP RETAIL Consulting and Implementation Services

  • Integrated Merchandise and Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Multi Channel Customer Interaction
  • Enterprise Management and Support

SAP Planning – Merchandise and Assortment Planning

  • SAP Merchandise Planning
  • SAP Assortment Planning
  • SAP Allocation Planning

SAP FMS Consulting and Implementation Services

  • Consolidated Fashion Specific Master Data Management
  • Procurement and Inventory Management covering Inventory Segmentation
  • Sales Order Allocation, Store Allocation & Replenishment
  • Globalization – Multi-Currency, Multi Language, Multi-Country and Location
  • Supply Chain Management including Fashion Manufacturing
  • Enterprise Management and Support

SAP Customer Activity Repository and Retail Analytics

  • Multichannel Sales Activity / Storage
  • POS Sales Transfer and Audit
  • Multi Channel Inventory Visibility
  • Unified Demand Forecast
  • On Shelf Availability Algorithms

SAP Promotion Management for Retail on CAR (PMR)

  • Promotion Management for Retail
  • Promotion and Hybris Marketing

SAP Customer Management

  • SAP Customer Relationship Management
  • SAP Customer Loyalty Management
  • SAP Hybris Marketing

Technology Focus

  • SAP Application Platform and Infrastructure: SAP Application platform, SAP interface Management, Process Management and Integration
  • SAP Data Management: SAP HANA, SAP/4 HANA,
  • SAP Analytics: Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Enterprise Performance Management , Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Application Platform: HANA Cloud, AWS HANA Cloud and In-Premise

Engagement Model

  • Budget and Managed Service Based Engagement Model