Dell and Groupsoft Partnership

Dell and Groupsoft have partnered to offer the Retail Industry a comprehensive Retail Solution based on SAP HANA and SAP CAR Technologies. The Solution is capable of integrating with most existing Systems & scope for upgrades and expansions. Dell and Groupsoft together, having already pre-designed and pre-configured hardware and software requirements for this innovative solution, make the shift a simpler more economical process for the Retailer.

Dell and Groupsoft Platform for Retailers

Introducing the Dell/Groupsoft Platform for Digital & OmniChannel Transformation, powered by SAP Customer Activity Repository

Real-Time Retailing requires accurate, in-the-moment Data of every aspect of business ranging from merchandising to marketing; to supply chain to various sales channels. Dell and Groupsoft have partnered to develop a comprehensive turn-key Solution to meet these needs. Combining Dell’s SAP HANA in-memory computing appliance and SAP’s Customer Activity Repository tool with Groupsoft’s Retail domain knowledge and mobile Applications, retailers can run their business and engage their customers with the full power of advanced insights and real-time decision-making and action.

Dell and Groupsoft help Retailers understand the value of a digital transformation through a measured process that generates value at each step. Groupsoft performs an assessment and develops a specific roadmap, implementing the modules based on the Retailers unique requirements. At each implementation phase, we perform a Proof of Concept using Customer Activity Repository and other existing applications, hosting it in Dell’s secure Proof of Concept environment.

How Digital and Omni-Channel Transformation Empowers Retailers

  • Enable a personalized brand experience for every customer– consistent across channels and business models.
  • Analyze, understand and anticipate customer needs and behavior, leveraging insights to optimize business processes and decisions.
  • Simplify business and customer management- eliminate application silos with a single consistent platform.
  • Speed time to value with a pre-integrated solution, ROI prioritized delivery roadmap, and optional “pay as you grow” financing services.

A single ‘Go-To’ Solution for Retailers by Groupsoft and DELL

Groupsoft expertise in the Retail Domain with extensive knowledge of Retail Business processes across verticals like Grocery, Luxury or Fashion. The blend of business knowledge and hold on technology has led to innovations, unique in capability to meet challenges of Digital Retail era in most effective manner.

Groupsoft’s comprehensive Retail Solution based on SAP CAR and SAP HANA technology is designed to be a single go-to solution that enables Retailers to collect real-time Data of customer activity across channels; analyze it; and enable decision-making on Assortment Planning; Forecasting and Replenishment; Pricing and Promotions. Multiple Mobile Apps have been developed to support the real-time needs of digital retail and are easy to configure and integrate with the Retailer’s existing systems.

Where, on one hand, Groupsoft’s SAP Retail competency, global experience and innovative customer offerings are key to help Retailers with Digital Transformation of their business; simultaneously, on the other hand Dell’s Powerful Technology on its’s SAP HANA platform provides Retailers a cost-effective, optimized in-memory computing solution that can reduce risk/cost and increase ROI. Using Dell’s SAP HANA platform Retailers can analyze real-time Data to identify trends and patterns to improve planning, forecasting and price optimization.

The award winning Dell PowerEdge R930 Server is the ideal platform for the rapidly growing Retailer. It supports the smallest to largest configurations, providing a stable base for system upgrades and changes as the business needs grow. Furthermore, it holds the #1 SAP BW-AML HANA performance benchmark, and boasts a greater than 20% lower total cost of ownership than comparable platforms from other vendors.